Urban Mom was developed by Kelley Davidson and Nancy Mathé after they gave birth to their babies.  As fitness instructors it was a matter of necessity that they regain their fitness level and strength within 6-8 weeks after birth so they could continue with their careers in fitness.  During their journey they realized how other moms could benefit from their experience, expertise and overall support.

Urban Mom provides outdoor and indoor stroller style bootcamps to moms with children ages 6 weeks to 18 months.  Mothers and fathers are invited to attend without their children as well.  We are your postnatal goto for most fitness needs.  Our mission is to help new moms regain or retain their fitness after child-birth while connecting with other new moms.

The babies are not forgotten at Urban Mom Bootcamps either.  Moms exercise with their babies and older babies interact with one another.  In fact, the babies have just as much fun as the moms.


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  1. i think this is a great idea. i’m going to start up a similar camp ,but call it suburban moms bootcamp in west houston..

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