Pengu Swim School Lessons

When you enter the doors of the bright and shiny new building of the Pengu Swim School you are given the sense that they designed the place with kids in mind. Lots of space, bright and colorful decorations and thatched roofs reminds you of a Florida beach resort. The building is split into two halves; one half for the front desk, changing rooms and bathrooms; the other half is of course the pool. A long glass wall separates the two halves and allows parents the opportunity to sit in the numerous chairs and watch their child swim. The pool room was warm and inviting on this cold January day.

The pool is divided with lane ropes and kids are grouped according to their ages. Our daughter was the only one in her age group so the lesson ended up being one-on-one.

We appreciated that a lifeguard was on duty during all of the instruction.

The blow dry bar with a palapa makes me want a piña colada. There is even a play area for siblings.

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