Stroller Workout Wednesday!

With a bit of reprieve from the smothering heat here in Houston, it gives me a glimmer of hope that we will soon be able to return to exercise in the great outdoors!  This weekend, Jake and I went out for a short workout in the jogging stroller that I thought you guys might find useful!  I realize that with the best of intentions, workouts can inadvertently fall to the bottom of the list when faced with the daunting tasks of making sure Baby is fed, diapered, napped and happy, so this workout is designed to be efficient and effective!

This is a quick, 30-minute cardio/leg, fat-blasting, interval workout that will hopefully serve to fill in on the days you can’t make camp, or if you are stumped for ideas and simply need to spice up those stroller walks.  It is laid out into timed intervals, which makes it great for all levels of exercisers.  If you are just getting back into exercise after having your little one, you can forgo all the running for speed walking.  If you are getting into great shape, you can increase the jogging to a run, etc.

Check back every Wednesday for a new workout!  They will be in printable format so that you can take them with you.  Happy strolling!

Feel free to comment on how sore your behind is the day after you try this :)…

Printable Stroller Workout: Cardio/Legs Intervals



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