Mark your calendars!

With camp about to start again tomorrow, we will certainly need to balance out our hard work with some serious fun!  Here are a few of the social events on tap for the next few weeks.  You know we can never help but add events at the spur of the moment, but just in case you keep a calendar, here you go!

Prelude Music Class Demo at Motherhood Center (Complimentary)
Wednesday, August 29th
*Please call The Motherhood Center to put your name on the list if you are interested in attending.  There are only 12 spots available-to ensure quality of the class. If you have any questions or would like to sign up please call 713-963-8880.
Tot Spot @ Children’s Museum 
Monday, August 27th
Happy Hour @ Whole Foods
Thursday, September 6th
*We’ll head over right after class, babies in tow!
Pinot’s Palette
Thursday, September 27th
*make your reservation to this event as soon as possible.  click here to reserve.

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