2 minutes to a tighter tummy!

The biggest issue most of us face after that sweet bundle of joy comes along is whittling that middle back down to pre-baby tightness!  The good news is, there are a few movements you can do with just a couple minutes a day to help restore the core as quickly as possible.  These are not new movements, and are likely something you’ve done before, but focusing on the breath and pulling the core in as you perform the movement will quickly restore your built-in corset that got all stretched out during pregnancy!  Try them once or twice a day to get back to your pre-baby belly as quickly as possible!

The first thing you need to do, however, is to check yourself for diastasis recti.. if the abdominal wall separated during pregnancy or delivery, it will not flatten out well without doing some repair work first!

Exercise 1: Partial Roll Down [Perform 10 reps]

Position 1: Sit tall and take a deep breath down into the abdominals

Position 2: Upon exhaling, curl half way to ground. Keep the abdominal wall “flat,” or tighten an imaginary cummerbund around your torso. Hold for the duration of the exhale.

Exercise 2: Full Body Crunches [Perform 20-25 reps]

Position 1: Lie on ground with knees at a 90 degree bend in the air. Take a deep breath.

Position 2: Upon exhaling, fold body in half, lifting the shoulders and hips toward each other. **Flatten your abdominal wall, pushing your belly button to spine as you perform the lift.



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