Kid’s Sweet Culinary Tour of Houston’s Chinatown

My husband and I love the diversity of Houston and especially the international foods available to us in this city.  Now that we have a child, we have a chance to open her palate and inspire a budding foodie.

Recently, blogger Mai Pham filmed a segment for Houston Fox 26 called “Keeping It Cool in Chinatown”.  Pham explores three shops that serve up sweet iced treats, all located at Huang Plaza in Chinatown.  I found it so exciting that I took my family to the shops on a HOT Saturday afternoon.

We first tried Nu Cafe where the Taiwanese treat called Snowflake Ice is popular.  My 16 month old loved it.  The ice takes 10 hours to prepare and is shaved into a bowl and then topped with your choice of various fruits and syrups.  We had vanilla milk ice with pinapple syrup and fresh mango on top.

Our final stop was Gelato Cup.  We tried the Japanese mochi ice cream.  Mochi is a square treat with sticky rice wrapper, wrapped around gelato.  My daugher could eat this one by hand.  We tried coconut, strawberry and dark chocolate flavors.

In Pham’s segment she also talks about Chinese shaved ice at Juice Box.  We were so full from the first two stops that we had to skip Juice Box.  We plan on trying that one next time.

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