Fun, Easy Trip With Baby

I am a lover of travel. Having been to 39 countries, I swore a baby was not going to slow me down. This would be the case had airlines not started charging so much for luggage. It takes a village just to carry the luggage necessary for baby, forget about the rasing part. So my wanderlust has been reined in slightly, at least until my baby needs less stuff.

When we need a quick get away we hit the San Luis in Galveston. They have updated the rooms and The Steakhouse restaurant is delicious. The live performer at The Bar is fantastic. We danced and danced with our baby on the dance floor at The Bar while the performer crooned Frank Sinatra. We love the pool, which is heated to a toasty 92 degrees in the winter. The pool bar is fantastic too and with a good imagination, it feels like a hot spot in SoBe.

While loading your vehicle with baby’s things can be daunting, trust me about how fun and easy a weekend at the San Luis in Galveston is.

Nancy Mathé

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