Our Moms Get Results With These Ab Drills

Yesterday was the last day of our first Summer Session. Everyone had some type of improvement in their fitness testing. However, there were three folks who improved the most. Our third runner up for most improved was Meg Lonergan. Then two moms tied for second runner up, Théa Pheasey and Chevonne Greaser. The most improved mom, who will receive a free tee, is Abeer Alattar with a combined increase of 20 push ups and sit ups! Go girl!!!! INCREDIBLE! The two moms who are slaying the testing and leading everyone with the most push ups, sit ups and overall mileage are Raven Dreibelbis and Deanna Payne. You are such an inspiration for us all!!!!


2 thoughts on “Our Moms Get Results With These Ab Drills

  1. Boot camp has become such a big part of my weekly routine with my son Dean. I have personally met a few physical goals in the past two months that I honestly did not think I would ever get to ever again post-baby. The women I have met through this program are so much fun and share so many commonalities with me during this chapter in my life. Nancy and kelley are both such great fitness and mommy role models!! I am headed to my sister’s wedding in California in two weeks weighing in 2 lbs less than I was before my son, AKA, Mr. Dean came to this world. Im feeling Good:)

    • Abeer- thanks so much for such a great review. Both Nancy and I have had a fantastic time getting to know you and Dean. We are so proud of how far you have come and how much hard work you have put in! Have a great time at your sister’s wedding, looking great in your dress, and we’ll see you when you get back!

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